Top Ten Jobs for Women 2012

Forbes has an article that describes the best top ten jobs for women in 2012. The author of Best Jobs for the 21st Century, Lauren Shatkin, Ph.D., compiled a list of jobs where women feel the most satisfied and successful. The list is as follows:

1. Postsecondary Teachers

2. Anthropologists

3. Oceanographers

4. Natural Sciences Managers

5. Clergy

6. Surveyors

7. Chief Executives

8. Geoscientists

9. Medical Professionals (Dentists, Optometrists, Physicians, etc.)

10. Aerospace Engineers

According to Shatkin independence and autonomy played a major role with the jobs chosen; job security is an important priority as well. I was very surprised with the list, it might be because I rarely hear women speaking about working in these kind of jobs, besides medical professions. I guess the jobs that are less spoken of are the ones that have women the happiest.

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Where does Machismo Exist?

The term machismo means excessive masculinity, I have heard it throughout my life. I come from a hispanic culture and in many latin american countries machismo still exist today. However, it is decreasing in my opinion. Yes there are still some men who believe that a woman’s job is to clean the house, take care of their kids, and husbands. I know personally several men who still think that way. Most of the men that I know who are still very machistas are older men, usually in their 40’s and 50’s, there are a few who are in their 30’s. Younger hispanic men are realizing that women aren’t properties and that they have to be respected and treated like human beings. Not all men that are from latin america are like this, of course. Machismo is linked only to latin america but there are other countries where male domination exist as well. For example, middle eastern countries are definitely dominated by men. Women have no say, as well as in India. The United States use to be a male dominated country as well, but it has improved, although it could be better. I think in general many countries have machismo, but they are refered as male dominated countries. In my opinion, machismo and male dominated are practically the same things, the difference is that one word is in spanish and the other in english.

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Best Paying Jobs for Women

Recently, I ran into an article on Yahoo describing the best paying jobs for women in 2011. Forbes women found that health care and tech, are fields were women can earn the most money. The number one best paying job is female physicians and surgeons. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that women with these careers earned a median of $1,618 per week. The second best paying job for women is pharmacist, they earn $1,605 per week. Chief executives came in, in third place, earning $1,598 per week. The rest are described below, starting with No. 10.

10. Human Resources Managers

      Median weekly earnings: $1,170

9. Computer Programmers

    Median weekly earnings: $1,177

8. Speech-language pathologists 

    Median weekly earnings: $1,184

7. Physical Therapists

    Median weekly earnings: $1,208

6. Computer and Information Systems Managers

     Median weekly earnings: $1,415

5. Computer Software Engineers

    Median weekly earnings: $1,445

4. Lawyers

    Median weekly earnings: $1,461

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Women who Made History

MOTHERThere are so many women who have made history for their accomplishments. They caused a major impact in their times and are recognized for their bravery and dedicating their lives to help out the world. Some of these brave women are Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman, Mother Teresa, Queen Elizabeth, Eleanor Roosevelt, Clara Barton, Sacajawea, Emily Dickinson, Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan, Clara Maass, Nellie Bly, Frida Kahlo, Sojourner Truth, and there are many, many more. They dedicated their lives for the good of the world and they stood up for what they believed in. These women did so much while they lived, they should always be recognized for their contributions. Women were not only good at cooking, and being good wives, they also had the capability to raise awareness and change our country, and the world.   

Harriet TubmanAmelia Earhart

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Modeling Narrowed Down to a Certain Body Type





Do models have to be skinny or curvy to be considered beautiful in the fashion industry? That’s the question that comes into my mind when I look at models now and models in the 1950’s. In the past a models average height was 5’7 weighing about 129, now models are 5’9 and weigh approximately 114. Many models in the 1950’s had curves, but now a woman has to be very skinny to be able to work as a model. I don’t understand why certain body types for women are considered beautiful and others aren’t. Every woman is different and in every era women have to be a certain weight and height to be considered beautiful by society. In the past you had to be curvy to be beautiful, now you have to be skinny. It is so frustrating that women always have to struggle with their body image to be considered beautiful. Why can’t people just be healthy, that should be considered beautiful. There are some women who are naturally skinny, and others who are naturally curvy. If that’s their natural body type, they shouldn’t have to starve themselves to be able to work as models or they shouldn’t have to eat in excessive amounts to gain weight. Being healthy is the most important, when it comes to body image. Exercising and eating the right food will make someone feel and look great. Society and the media should stop criticizing women, instead of promoting the “right figure”, they should start promoting healthy women with various body types. This will help many women with self-esteem issues and it will make all women feel great about themselves.                                            

Female body shape timeline

 1800s:The ideal was plump, fleshy, full-figured. Corsets made waists artificially tiny while accentuating hips and buttocks and making for digestive tract problems.


1900s-1950s:Thinner became more fashionable. By the 1920s, the Victorian hourglass gave way to the flapper, who bound her breasts to achieve a washboard profile. By the 1950s, a thin woman with a large bust was considered most attractive, thanks largely to Marilyn Monroe. Women now needed to rebuild the curves they had tried to bind and restrain. 


1960s: For the first time in history, a severely underweight woman became the female ideal with the arrival of model Twiggy. Weighing in at a shapeless 91 pounds on a 5-foot-6 frame, she had the look of a prepubescent boy.

1970 to today: As the average American got heavier, Playboy magazine promoted slimness through 1978. Miss America winners after 1970 weighed less than the other contestants. The 1980s beauty ideal remained slim but required a more toned and fit look. The 1990s body ideal was Pamela “Baywatch” Anderson, an almost impossible combination of anorexia with gravity-defying breasts.

Today: Thin is in, as is artificial means such as liposuction lessen hips, buttocks and fat in general. In 1975 top models and beauty queens weighed only 8 percent less than the average women. Today they weigh 23 percent less. Both eating disorders and obesity are on the rise.


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Why Do Some Women Kill?

                                                                                 Recently I ran into an article in abc news about the issue of women who are killers. It explains why some women murder and what is the difference between women killing and men killing. James Alan Fox, a criminologist explains that women are different in whom, how, and why they kill. Usually their victims are related to them and they tend to use less extreme violence. When women murder, especially if they murder their children, society condemn’s them more, in my opinion than men. This occurs because a woman is seen as a nurturer, kind, sweet, and nonviolent. There are many cases in which women have killed their children, either because they suffer from mental illness, abuse, personality disorder, or they are just plain heartless. Some cases who made news were those of Diane Downs, Andrea Yates, Beverly Allit, Lisa Montgomery, and  Tinning. Even though some women might suffer from mental illness they should get punished for the murderers they committed, for the victim’s sake and the family’s. 

Article of Why Some Women Murder?

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Women and the Music Industry

I recently read an article in the Washington Post titled “MTV Portrays Female as Sex Objects”. The link to the article is:

It talks about how women are portrayed as sex objects in music videos and explains why men are not portrayed this way. I agree with the writer of this article because women are shown negatively and called names in many music videos and music songs. There are many music videos that show women wearing provocative clothes and sometimes they are practically wearing nothing. There are also many songs that have lyrics that insult women, calling them sluts, whores, strippers, etc. I avoid music videos that show women in bars or degrading places because it disappoints me that women are seen only as sex objects and not as real human beings. It is also very disappointing that women are only portrayed for their physical looks and not for what they really count for, which is their personality and intelligence.

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