Why Do Some Women Kill?

                                                                                 Recently I ran into an article in abc news about the issue of women who are killers. It explains why some women murder and what is the difference between women killing and men killing. James Alan Fox, a criminologist explains that women are different in whom, how, and why they kill. Usually their victims are related to them and they tend to use less extreme violence. When women murder, especially if they murder their children, society condemn’s them more, in my opinion than men. This occurs because a woman is seen as a nurturer, kind, sweet, and nonviolent. There are many cases in which women have killed their children, either because they suffer from mental illness, abuse, personality disorder, or they are just plain heartless. Some cases who made news were those of Diane Downs, Andrea Yates, Beverly Allit, Lisa Montgomery, and  Tinning. Even though some women might suffer from mental illness they should get punished for the murderers they committed, for the victim’s sake and the family’s. 

Article of Why Some Women Murder? http://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=7326555

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