Best Paying Jobs for Women

Recently, I ran into an article on Yahoo describing the best paying jobs for women in 2011. Forbes women found that health care and tech, are fields were women can earn the most money. The number one best paying job is female physicians and surgeons. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that women with these careers earned a median of $1,618 per week. The second best paying job for women is pharmacist, they earn $1,605 per week. Chief executives came in, in third place, earning $1,598 per week. The rest are described below, starting with No. 10.

10. Human Resources Managers

      Median weekly earnings: $1,170

9. Computer Programmers

    Median weekly earnings: $1,177

8. Speech-language pathologists 

    Median weekly earnings: $1,184

7. Physical Therapists

    Median weekly earnings: $1,208

6. Computer and Information Systems Managers

     Median weekly earnings: $1,415

5. Computer Software Engineers

    Median weekly earnings: $1,445

4. Lawyers

    Median weekly earnings: $1,461

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