Where does Machismo Exist?

The term machismo means excessive masculinity, I have heard it throughout my life. I come from a hispanic culture and in many latin american countries machismo still exist today. However, it is decreasing in my opinion. Yes there are still some men who believe that a woman’s job is to clean the house, take care of their kids, and husbands. I know personally several men who still think that way. Most of the men that I know who are still very machistas are older men, usually in their 40’s and 50’s, there are a few who are in their 30’s. Younger hispanic men are realizing that women aren’t properties and that they have to be respected and treated like human beings. Not all men that are from latin america are like this, of course. Machismo is linked only to latin america but there are other countries where male domination exist as well. For example, middle eastern countries are definitely dominated by men. Women have no say, as well as in India. The United States use to be a male dominated country as well, but it has improved, although it could be better. I think in general many countries have machismo, but they are refered as male dominated countries. In my opinion, machismo and male dominated are practically the same things, the difference is that one word is in spanish and the other in english.

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