Women and the Music Industry

I recently read an article in the Washington Post titled “MTV Portrays Female as Sex Objects”. The link to the article is: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/hs/mckinley/2007/03/mtv_portrays_female_as_sex_obj.html

It talks about how women are portrayed as sex objects in music videos and explains why men are not portrayed this way. I agree with the writer of this article because women are shown negatively and called names in many music videos and music songs. There are many music videos that show women wearing provocative clothes and sometimes they are practically wearing nothing. There are also many songs that have lyrics that insult women, calling them sluts, whores, strippers, etc. I avoid music videos that show women in bars or degrading places because it disappoints me that women are seen only as sex objects and not as real human beings. It is also very disappointing that women are only portrayed for their physical looks and not for what they really count for, which is their personality and intelligence.

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