Women in Pride and Prejudice

      The role of women during the late 18th and early 19th century was to get married, have children, and to obey men. These were the primary roles of women and disobeying would cause quite a shock. However, in Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth, the main character of the film is ahead of her time because she is strong and she expresses her own opinion without being afraid of what people might say or think. Even though at the end of the film Elizabeth chose the life of a 19th century woman, she did not do it for money, she was one of the few women that did it for love. During those times women married for money because they depended on men and they could not work that is why the only answer to their financial issues would be marriage. Woman would be desperate to marry because if their parents died and if they had no brothers no one would take care of them and they would have to go to desperate measures to obtain money to live. I am glad times have changed and women are considered actual human beings instead of objects. Now we have the liberty to express our own thoughts and emotions, we can work, we don’t depend on men, and we don’t have to marry for money.

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One Response to Women in Pride and Prejudice

  1. True, the life of women has improved greatly since the 19th century. Through much of human history women were regarded as property of men, little more than slaves. Ours are the first generations of “freedom” and I feel that in many ways we are slowly working out the new rules of how men and women should interact with one another. One of my beefs is that lately men are being treated as “inferiors” to women, the pendulum has swung smartly in the other direction. I feel that this is not the answer either. For both men and women to be honestly free, there must be true equality between us.

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